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Luxury Holidays with Pool & Sauna

From Scandinavia to north america, from the austrian alps to the russian steppes ...

Over the centuries the sauna has been a place to rejuvenate the body, cleanse the mind and refresh the spirit.

At the luxury golf & spa hotel schwarz we like to uphold this tradition, offering a truly global sauna experience for complete mind and body harmony.

Sauna World

From classic Finnish sauna to Turkish Hammam, from gentle herbal bio-baths to invigorating steam cabins, our elegantly designed Sauna World is a heaven-sent haven for lovers of this age-old therapy. Facilities include:


  •     Classic Finnish-style sauna – because some like it hot!
  •     Gentle herbal bio-sauna for ultimate relaxation
  •     Women's only sauna for privacy and peace of mind
  •     Soothing saltwater steam baths
  •     Serene Alpine garden with outdoor sauna and exquisite mountain views
  •     Diving pool, sauna pool, tea bar and stylish relaxation rooms
  •     Traditional Turkish Hammam, for combined sauna and massage treatment

Swimming and Sauna

Some things are just meant to go together. The combination of invigorating sauna and a refreshing dip in the pool is a match made in heaven. Our year-round heated garden pool (34°) provides perfect post-sauna swimming, elegantly landscaped with stunning mountain views. Our indoor pool includes children's paddling pool, family steam room and whirlpool.